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To deliver Cambodia's deliciousness and charm to the world

We think that the missions of Angkor Cookies are getting out of the box named "a souvenir shop" and conveying Cambodia's charm to people who come from around the world and local Cambodians. Speaking of Cambodia, there are many people who imagine that it was impoverished by domestic warfare decades ago and that it is suffering from being a poor country, from land mines, etc., but Cambodia that is seen by our eyes is definitely not a poor country but one overflowed with plenty of charming resources, possibilities, etc. The farmers who are engaged in primary industries purchase crops, which are precious lives made with painstaking effort, from various places of Cambodia and use the ingredients to make delicious sweets at our company's workshop, and we think that our mission is conveying the products' fantastic merits to the customers who come to our company's store.

Angkor Cookies' wish

Cambodia's cashew nuts are used a lot in Angkor cookies, which are in the shape of Angkor Wat. Madam Sachiko, the founder of Angkor Cookies, traveled to various places of Cambodia, searched about for Cambodia's delicious ingredients, and was captivated by the deliciousness of cashew nuts that she found at Ratanakiri Province, Kampong Cham Province, etc., all before the company's foundation. It came to her mind that she would not sell the cashew nuts as nuts, but that she "wanted!" to make sweets, which she could boast to the Cambodian maids' world, that used cashew nuts, so she shut herself up alone in a workshop for three months and kept on making sweets to extract the deliciousness out of cashew nuts; then, Angkor Cookies was born. Our wish is that the Angkor cookies, with a lot of sweetly fragrant cashew nuts inside, will become a bridge that allows us to convey Cambodia's charm.

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Address / On the main road to Angkor Wat, in front of
    Sofitel Hotel, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
TEL / (+855) (0)12 315 804 / (+855) (0)63 964 770
Business hours / 9:30 am - 7:00 pm(Always open)
E-mail / info@angkorcookies.com

Go straight on Charles de Gaulle Boulevard (which is commonly called Angkor Wat Road) in the direction of Angkor Wat; when you see Hotel Sofitel on your left, our store is in front of it!

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